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1.Copyright and credit
Every picture in this website is exclusive property of the author Vincenzo Cottinelli and is protected by international law. No use can be done in whichever form (entire, cutted, modified under every aspect) or by whichever medium (e.g. publishing by printing or by internet, mailing, TV et cetera) and for whichever purpose (commercial or cultural or no-profit) without the author's written authorization by previous contact. The author, on demand, willingly states in which case no fee is due, for social or solidarity use of his pictures. However the credit photo©vincenzo cottinelli never can be omitted, either intentionally or forgetfully, whichever is the size of the published picture. The abuse of the images and/or the omission of credit will be legally pursued.
You can search by two ways:
  • clicking the name in portraits list or the thematic button of the galleries (whenever you can, this is the better way, as you can scroll the whole series of images thematically classed);
  • b-filling "search" with the name you want (when the picture you search is linked to others, search will upload also the other ones).
My website contains a lot of images, but if you don't find the one you want, or need some similar, or prefer a different shape (e.g. vertical instead of horizontal) don't esitate to contact me by e-mail or by phone (see contacts) as my archive is very wide.
The portraits section shows the best images of the most important characters, but you can click (above the main list) "for names not listed..." to find more names whose photos are available on demand.
3.Buy for publishing
For editorial purposes, as book covers or magazines illustration or newspaper, please ask by mail or phone to have low res samples and to know the fee. If you can, please send specification of the page-size by which the picture will be published, or the planned number of copies of the book. It'also required the size of the hi res file. I will answer as soon as possibile. No re-use is allowed without author's agreement. As consuetudinary and courtesy two copies of the printed work (book, magazine et cetera) will be shipped to the author.
4.Buy for collection
The most of my pictures are negative film-made and are printed on silver baryte paper (on demand selenium toned) by the Parolini Studio in Milan. The most are limited editions of 5, sometime of 10. All are titled, dated and signed by pencil on the back. On demand, for gifts, the dedication and the direct shipping are possibile. When you buy for collection, please specify the print's size in centimeters (e.g. 18x24, 24x30, 30x40, 40x50 or more). Take note that this are the standard paper sizes. The image coming by the 2:3 full frame negative could be 16x24 - 20x30 - 26 x 39 - 30 x 45 - 40 x 60 or more, so the print can have a white edge of 1 to 2 centimeters. In some few cases the prints on 30 x 40 paper are ready to be shipped; in rare cases I have vintage from 80's or 90's. When we agree on the price, and the print is not ready, you will do a bank transfer of half of the amount and then the printing process will take about 15-20 days, after that the print will be shipped as soon as you pay the whole price. The shipping in Italy is on my charge. For some (rare) digital picture, you can ask special paper and I will specify the printing process and the timing.

Warning: the possession of a print for collection doesn't authorize the collector to any other use except the private viewing of the image (or selling it to another collector under the same restrictions): no publishing, no exhibit for advertising purpose, no duplication, no internet diffusion are allowed without the author's written authorization. I agree the exhibition of my pictures in owner's collection show, or similar events, but credit and caption are needed, and I will like to be informed about.